Conductor de autobús escolar de New Hampshire acusado de acosar a un niño de 8 años y su familia

Un conductor de autobús escolar de New Hampshire fue arrestado y acusado federalmente de acoso interestatal, después de que supuestamente acosó y amenazó a un niño de ocho años a quien conducía regularmente a la escuela, de acuerdo a un declaración from the US Attorney’s Office in New Hampshire.

Michael Chick, 39, of Eliot, Maine, is also being accused of threatening the child’s family and traveling across state lines to make the alleged threats, de acuerdo con el comunicado.
The boy’s family alleges that Chick gave their son two Tracfone cell phones, según documentos judiciales obtenidos por CNN. Chick later admitted to providing the child with three phones, los documentos muestran. Chick also allegedly requested that the boy take inappropriate pictures of himself and send the photos to him, los documentos muestran.
      During a police investigation, Chick told officers that he placed cellular GPS tracking devices on each of the child’s parents’ vehiculos, los documentos muestran. Chick also told police he visited the child’sresidence between 6 — 10 times during the night just to walk around the house,” mostrar documentos judiciales, citing the police investigation.
        En Agosto 5, the day of Chick’s arrest, the child provided his family with additional details on Chick’s alleged behavior toward him, muestran los registros judiciales. In an interview with police that day, the boy claimed Chick talked with him about an organization calledThe Team,” los documentos muestran. The boy said Chick told himThe Teamwould kidnap and torture the child if he did not meet their demands, according to the documents.
          The parents first alerted their son’s school, Greenland Central School, in April about alleged comments and actions from Chick, including giving small gifts and candy to children and leaving get-well cards saying how much he missed them when they were absent, los documentos muestran.
          CNN has reached out to the office of the superintendent of the Portsmouth School District for comment.
          A spokesperson for the bus company First Student told CNN on Friday that Chick is no longer employed there. En una oracion, the bus company said, “Behavior such as this is completely unacceptable and at odds with what we stand for as a company.” agregó, “We are cooperating with the authorities and given that this is an active investigation, we are unable to comment further.
            Chick had an initial appearance hearing on Monday and was ordered to be detained until at least his detention hearing, según documentos judiciales. Chick is scheduled for a preliminary hearing and detention hearing on August 18.
            Chick’s public defender, Behzad Mirhashem, declined to comment on his behalf.

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