New Jersey man says family stranded in Afghanistan, blocked from airport despite holding US passports

They should have been home last week. It should have been about a week now since they been home. だが, everything that happened it is honestly crazy. I don’t know what to think. I have been sitting here praying. My uncles, my aunts, みんな, we are all praying. We are trying to make sure they come home safe and sound,” Mohsen told狐 & 友達.”


それは “信じられない” to Mohsen that his family is trapped in Afghanistan because they are U.S. passport holders. He said in every attempt they made to go to the Kabul airport, they were turned away and thegates were either closed or they weren’t allowed in.

Mohsen said that his family arevalid passport holders.

We were just confused on that. There was a time they were on a bus with a bunch of other American citizens and Afghan allies and that was turned away as well after like 10 に 12 hours on the bus just sitting there,” Mohsen said.

Constantly communicatingwith his family, Mohsen’s most current update is that theyfeel safe.

He said his family’s alternative plan is to travel to a neighboring country like Pakistan to try to fly home from there.

Mohsen wants President Biden to keep his word that all Americans stranded in Afghanistan will be able to come home.

“というのは, I have to. I can’t not believe him. He is saying that he is going to do it and I have to believe and hold him to that word. The only thing I want is to see my mom, お父さん, sister and grandma safe and sound back in the country that they have been living in most of their lives,” Mohsen said.

その間, a three-year-old boy from カリフォルニア is among the American citizens left behind amid the Biden administration’s withdrawal from アフガニスタン according to a report from ABC 7 サンフランシスコ, as the 国務省 acknowledges as many as 200 Americans may have been abandoned when the final U.S. plane left Monday.

The report said the boy is a U.S. citizen born near Sacramento, but hid the identity of the child and his family who are stuck in the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. The child’s family members are all U.S. permanent residents, アウトレットによると.

A veterans advocate told ABC 7 San Francisco that Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif。, wrote a letter asking for the family’s safe passage to the Kabul airport but that the family was stopped by the Taliban on their way and beaten. Spierer’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.


The fact American forces left Afghanistan with some still stranded in the country Monday appears to mark a broken promise for President Biden. 彼が言った ABCニュース earlier this month thatif there’s American citizens left, we’re gonna stay to get them all out.

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