New Jersey offering extra year of school to special education students because of COVID-19 pandemic

그만큼 new law will affect students who would otherwise turn 21 and age out of the state’s educational system over the next three years.

We recognize the pandemic has been especially hard on the roughly 8,700 students this will impact and who have may not have the full set of transitional skills and job training that they need for adulthood,” 머피 said at a COVID-19 briefing 수요일에. “I am pleased to take this step to help secure a better future for them and their families.


New Jersey will use funds from the American Rescue Plan to fund the extra year of special 교육.

It could be up to $ 600 백만. So be it,” Murphy said Wednesday. “This is one of these things where we take the step regardless of the price tag because it is absolutely, without question and hesitation, the right thing to do.

Democratic state senator Dawn Addiego applauded the action Wednesday, saying that the billis about hope and a belief that all children should have the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Autism Speaks, a nonprofit that advocates for those with disabilities in the state, also praised Murphy for signing the bill.

The many parents who passionately advocated for this legislation are breathing a sigh of relief for the chance to reclaim these critical missed services,” 박사가 말했다. Suzanne Buchanan, Autism New Jersey executive director.

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Lawmakers in at least five other states – Illinois, 뉴욕, 메릴랜드, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania – have introduced similar legislation that would give extra schooling to special education students, 에 따르면 Chalkbeat.

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