New York attorney general sues NYPD over 'brutal' handling of George Floyd protesters

뉴욕 법무 장관 Letitia James는 뉴욕시 경찰국과 “과도한, 잔인하고 불법” 조지 플로이드 시위 처리, 제임스는 보도 자료에서 말했다.

James also wants to install an external monitor to oversee the department’s policing tactics.
수트, filed Thursday in Manhattan federal court, comes after a monthslong investigation into the NYPD’s actions during protests over the killing of Floyd that found that officers allegedly usedindiscriminate, unjustified, and repeated use of batons, pepper spray, bicycles and a crowd control tactic known as ‘kettlingagainst peaceful protestors,” the release said.
There is no question that the NYPD engaged in a pattern of excessive, 잔인한, and unlawful force against peaceful protesters,” said James.
Over the past few months, the NYPD has repeatedly and blatantly violated the rights of New Yorkers, inflicting significant physical and psychological harm and leading to great distrust in law enforcement.
The suit names the NYPD, the City of New York, Mayor Bill de Blasio, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea and NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan as failing to address alongstanding pattern of abuseby not properly training, supervising and disciplining officers to prevent and address misconduct, 릴리스 말했다.
CNN has reached out to the NYPD, de Blasio and the city for comment on the suit.
James’s office investigated complaints from incidents between May 28, 2020, 그리고 12 월 11, 2020, and found that officers conducted mass arrests without probable cause andtargeted and retaliated against First Amendment activityfrequently, 보도 자료는 말했다.

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