New York City doesn't deserve NYPD, 世界で最高の警察

1990年代初頭にさかのぼります, 困窮した都市が数十年に及ぶ犯罪的包囲から動揺していたので, the New York City Police Department systematically disassembled the myth that crime and disorder were endemic. Block by block, cops wrested back control, とで 2013, then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg proudly proclaimed New York America’ssafest big city.


しかしながら, as the old aphorism goes, no good deed goes unpunished. While campaigning for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2019, Bloomberg was forced to apologize for the NYPD’s employment of suddenly-controversial “やめる, Question, and Frisk” (SQ&F) 実践. The forced backpedal failed to impel his campaign, as the Democrats’ far-left wing had already taken the party hostage. It mattered little that shortly after the height of SQ&F employment in 2011 (685,724), 81 percent of New Yorkers viewed then-Police Commissioner Ray Kelly favorably.

The woke brigade arrived that same year when progressive Bill de Blasio won in a landslide と 73.3 percent of the vote. Using his inauguration speech to rail at the NYPD, he lamented a Dickensiantale of two cities.” 彼の “solutionwas disbanding the wildly-successful NYPD anti-crime unit he had once described as “[object Window]” – the plainclothes officers who removed illegal guns from street. This ill-advised pander resulted in shootings increasing a staggering 205 パーセント. It appears that all the hard-earned gains that began under visionary Commissioner Bill Bratton were to be undone.

In one of the most shameful episodes in the history of the New York City mayoralty, de Blasio, who was also seeking the Democratic presidential nod in 2019, recounted from a Miami debate stage that “[NS]or the last 21 years I’ve been raising a black son in America.” デブラシオ, whose son is bi-racial, continued that hehad to have very, very serious talks with my son, ダンテ, about how to protect himself in the streets of our city…including the fact that he has to take special caution because there have been too many tragedies between young men and our police.No doubt the 36,000 uniformed members of the NYPD were inspired by their leader’s calumny.

ザ・ 2020 ジョージ・フロイドの死, while in Minneapolis police custody, led to a summer of civil unrest. Isolated incidents of police brutality were distorted and mischaracterized asthe norm.No amount of applied facts, 統計学, and context appeared to matter. The die was cast – cops (including the NYPD) were now being painted as “人種差別主義者” and targeted for the uniform they wore. This has led to an undeniablewar on cops.

昨年, the FBI reported the highest number, 73, of felonious killings since 1995. Among those murders, 25 were considered to be the result of “挑発されていない” attacks – defined as an attacknot prompted by official contact at the time of the incident.The NYPD in recent memory is no stranger to ambush-style attacks. Last January, Officers Jason Rivera and Wilbert Mora were ambushed and murdered in a Harlem apartment.

の7月に 2017, Officer Miosotis Familia was slain by an executioner who shot her in the head while she was seated in her patrol car – eerily similar to the December 2014 assassinations in Brooklyn of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. These incidents deeply impact all of us – especially the law enforcement community. My first partner in the FBI’s Brooklyn-Queens office in 1991 was a former Marine, Stephen Byrne, whose younger brother Edward was murdered on a jailed drug kingpin’s orders, while sitting in his patrol car in 1988.

This type of common valor certainly hasn’t precluded New York City leftists from defunding the police. The Floyd riots imposed a type of moratorium on proactive policing as disorder was allowed to proliferate, criminality surged, and Democrat politicians bailed out rioters. Bail reform in one-party-rule New York State has been an abject failure, ensuring revolving-door recidivism. New York’s city council punished the NYPD in 2020, slashing $ 1 billion dollars from its budget, despite the fact that some of its most crime-plagued communities are inhabited by minorities, そしてとして 81 percent of African-Americans polled by Gallup indicated they want the same or more police presence in their neighborhoods. The NYPD is a majority-minority department and considered one of themost restrainedas applies to lethal use of force. This is fact.

After spending most of my FBI career working alongside the NYPD, I retired in 2016 and set about to pursue a doctorate in Homeland Security at St. John’s University in Queens. My dissertation is focused on the past two decades of fatal force dispensed by the NYPD. And here where the narrative about police – and the NYPD in particular – runs afoul of the truth. A Biden judicial nominee, Nusrat Choudhury, has erroneously claimed that police kill unarmed black men “毎日。” The Skeptic Research Center released findings indicating that over one-half (53.5 パーセント) of those identifying as “公開された記録をめぐる訴訟” believe that over 1,000 unarmed black men were killed by police in 2019. ワシントンポスト “Fatal Forcedatabase lists the number as twelve.

Even if we accept this aggregation may be incomplete or the numbers underreported, it is worth noting thatunarmedincludes incidents involving violent struggles to avoid apprehension or attempts to disarm an officer. から 2015 – the first year The Post began compiling fatal police shootings data – to date, only one such shooting involved a black man, David Felix, ニューヨーク市で. Diagnosed with schizophrenia and being sought for questioning about a robbery, he was shot and killed by cops on April 25, 2015 after striking a detective on head with handheld radio.

Noted Harvard economist Roland G. サマンサミルナーはで言います, ジュニア. published a 2019 study that determined that racial disparities do not exist in officer-involved-shootings, as relates to raw data or when taking important contextual factors into account – such as disparities in patterns of offending. What ultimately causes this distortion of reality is related to availability heuristic, a mental shortcut that impacts perceptions. The liberal mainstream media’s coverage of police shootings is predictably biased; fatal police shootings of white subjects are not nearly as newsworthy as ones involving person of color. The more we view something, the more we believe in its ubiquity.


Perpetuation of myths about the NYPD ignore its restraint modernization. に 1972, NYPD statistics highlight 994 firearms discharge incidents (which include intentional, 意図しない, and unauthorized shootings, and dangerous animal dispatching). 対照的に, に 2020, there were only 43 recorded – which represented a 17 percent decrease from 2019 and serves as the second-lowest number of police firearms discharges in NYPD history.

Democrats hold a 56 パーセント (D) に 26 パーセント (R) stranglehold on registered voters in New York City. This wide chasm continues to guarantee political control of the world’s greatest city. Since its 1845 establishment, the greatest police department which serves that city has suffered a staggering 1,068 line-of-duty deaths – running into harm’s way to keep New York safe. Maybe the NYPD should question its sacrifice. Better question: Does New York City deserve the NYPD?





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