Aumenta el crimen en el metro de Nueva York 58% hasta ahora en comparación con 2021; Se intensifica la búsqueda del pistolero en un tiroteo no provocado

El Departamento de Policía de Nueva York (Policía de Nueva York) Búsqueda del pistolero detrás del asesinato a sangre fría de Daniel Enríquez, a 48-year-old Brooklyn man who was gunned down while sitting inside a Manhattan-bound Q-train on Sunday morning.


Enriquez was sitting inside the moving train shortly before 11:42 soy. cuando, according to witnesses, el sospechoso “was walking back and forth in the same train car,” NYPD Chief of Department Kenneth Corey told reporters on Sunday.

Without provocation,” Corey said, él “pulled out a gun and fired at the victim at close range as the trains [fueron] crossing the Manhattan Bridge.

Daniel Enriquez, 48, was shot and killed Sunday while riding the New York City subway

Daniel Enriquez, 48, was shot and killed Sunday while riding the New York City subway (Fuente: LinkedIn/Daniel Enriquez)

Enriquez, who worked as a research assistant for Goldman Sachs, was rushed to an area hospital, but could not be saved. Corey said the victim and his attacker were strangers to each other.


El lunes, Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell posted a pair of photos of the suspected gunman, who appeared to have been wearing a dark-colored jacket with the hood over his head, a red shirt underneath and a light blue face mask.

We need all eyes on this,” the top cop wrote.

The latest NYPD crime statistics show transit crimes are up 57.5% year-to-date as of Sunday, con 975 incidents reported so far in 2022 en comparación con el 576 en 2021.

Speaking during an MTA board meeting on Monday, NYPD Transit Chief Jason Wilcox announced that the city this month had rolled out the Train Patrol Force, or TPF, a “perform dedicated, targeted and visible travel patrols on the late evening and overnight hours.

Wilcox told transportation executives 54% of the city’s total subway crime is reported on the trains, y 40% of that total is reported duringthe specific TPF overnight hours.

The TPF isnot a new conceptand has been used inyears pastin patrolling the subways.

It was an idea that we felt we needed to return to,” él dijo.

mientras tanto, the transit chief added that overall subway arrests are up 67% so far this year.

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