New York gubernatorial candidate has a warning for Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg: 意見 1, you're fired

意見: 意見, 意見. That’ll set the example. 地方検事は法律を施行する必要があります. The Manhattan district attorney on his first day put out a memo saying he wasn’t going to enforce laws across the books, others he was going to downgrade. We should say on day one, he’s fired, あれは, within the constitutional authority in New York for the governor of the state. I believe that we should repeal cashless bail. Judges should have discretion to weigh dangerousness, and flight risk, and past criminal record and seriousness of the offense on all offenses when setting bail. But people need to feel safe on our streets, in our subways. People are looking at other states where their money will go further. They’ll feel safer. They’ll live life freer.