New York is requiring most travelers to get a negative Covid-19 test three days before arrival

coronavirus cases surging throughout the United States, 뉴욕 정부. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday that most travelers must now get Covid-19 tests before and after arrival in the state.

The new policy replaces a previous advisory list of states with rising case counts from which travelers were required to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in New York, the governor said during a call with the media.
Most travelers to New York State will be required to obtain a negative Covid-19 test three days prior to setting out on their trip to the state, Cuomo 말했다.
The policy does not apply to travel between New York and the neighboring states of Connecticut, 뉴저지, or Pennsylvania.
    Once in New York, travelers will be required to quarantine for three days before getting another test. If the second test is negative, the traveler will no longer be required to quarantine.
    The new policy also says any New York resident traveling outside the state for more than 24 hours must follow the same procedure.
    A New York resident leaving the state for less than 24 hours will only be required to take the second test.
      New York’s overall coronavirus positivity rate Saturday was 1.49%, ~에서 내려오다 1.53% the previous day.
      As with everything, context is key: Cases are surging around the country and around the globe,” Cuomo said in a statement. “In a sea of division and a sea of COVID chaos, our ship of state is sailing well. 세계, 하나, is in trouble. So New Yorkers should be very proud of where we are, but we also need to stay vigilant.

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