New York neighborhood residents report squirrel attacks

New York neighborhood residents report squirrel attacks

Aggressive squirrels are attacking residents in one New York City neighborhood unprovoked, leaving some bitten and bloodied, secondo i resoconti dei media.

The combative critters have bitten at least five people in the Rego Park section of Queens within the past month, according to residents who spoke with Patch. One woman said she had to go to the hospital after an attack left her with bites on her hands and arms.

Her snow-covered front yard was stained with blood, Micheline Frederick told the news outlet. She said she was holding her front door open for movers when the squirrel ran up her leg and she pushed it off. It came back and began biting her, lei disse.

He was angry and he was vicious,” lei disse. “This was more than just a bite. This thing was fighting with me.

Another resident said her husband was attacked a few weeks ago.

“Chiaramente, it’s an unsafe situation for us,” Vinati Singh said.

Some have complained to the city about the attacks, but they have yet to receive help, according to Patch.

The NYC Health Department received a complaint about an aggressive squirrel in Rego Park and advised the property owner to hire a New York State licensed trapper,” Department of Health spokesperson Michael Lanza told Fox News in an email. “We are actively working with residents to get more information about the bite events and coordinating with the trapper.


The agency said squirrels are rarely rabid. None have tested positive for rabies this year in the New York City area, according to department figures.

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