L'editore del New York Post accusa il CEO di Twitter di "racket high-tech’ sulla storia di Hunter Biden

New York Post editor accuses Twitter CEO of 'high-tech racketeering' over Hunter Biden story

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is practicingblackmailby demanding the New York Post delete a tweet sharing a link to its bombshell report about Hunter Biden before its account is unlocked, op-ed editor Sohrab Ahmari toldLa storia” mercoledì.

During an exchange with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, while testifying before the Senate Commerce Committee Dorsey explained that the Post is not technically locked out, because it can go back and delete the original post from two weeks ago announcing the Hunter Biden laptop story, and re-post it today because the site’sterms of servicehave since changed.

I say that sounds like high-tech racketeering,” Ahmari told host Martha MacCallum. “We’re being blackmailed the way an old mob boss would do.

Though unable to tweet Thursday’s cover, Ahmari said that it is available on the New York Post website and features Dorseyblackmailinginvestigative journalism.


Nice paper you got there,” Ahmari remarked in summing up Dorsey’s comments. “Be a shame if you couldn’t reach your two million followers on our platform.

Ahmari added that while Dorsey drew attention to Twitter’shackeddocuments policy during the hearing, none of the documents featured in the Post report were hacked.

It’s a recovered laptop,” Egli ha detto, noting that the Post received the contents from the Wilmington, Del., computer store owner via former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.


“Lui [Dorsey] has no evidence, so why would we have to delete our tweets?” Ahmari asked before adding that the power held by Dorsey and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg isunaccountable” e che hanno “too much control over what we see and what we think.

Neither Mr. Joe Biden or Mr. Hunter Biden has denied the authenticity of the emails,” Egli ha detto. “Neither has denied the ownership of the laptop. Now we have an on-the-record source on one of the threads that we reported out saying ‘Yes, they’re real.’ Ancora, what policy have we violated and what will happen if the only journalism that is allowed is journalism that the subject of the story permits?”

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