New York Road RunnersCEO steps down amid sexism, racism allegations

New York Road Runners' CEO steps down amid sexism, racism allegations

New York Road Runners CEO Michael Capiraso stepped down from the organization on Monday amid sexism and racism allegations.

New York Road Runners officials thanked Capiraso for his decade with the group.


“Over the past several months, the Board of Directors has listened to the concerns raised and recommendations offered by the community NYRR serves, including its employees and members of the broader running community. In order to achieve our mission to help and inspire people through running, we will recruit new leadership to the organization,” George Hirsch, the chairman of the board, 성명에서 말했다.

“The entire Board of Directors and I thank Michael Capiraso for his 10 years of contributions and dedication to this organization.”

Capiraso added: “I am grateful for the opportunity to have served the NYRR running community for the past 10 연령. I am proud of the growth the organization and I have achieved and the impact we have had, and I wish NYRR continued success.”


The leadership transition comes after a group known as RebuildNYRR circulated a petition in September calling for the removal of Capiraso, accusing him of fostering a toxic, discriminatory and racist culture in the organization.

“For years, we have been experiencing racism, 편견, and bullying that goes unchecked. We want to create a healthy, equitable, and safe environment for ourselves and for our community. We have been pushing for fairness and cultural competency for years only to have it fall on deaf ears,” the group stated on its website.

“So today, we are turning to the public, our board of directors, the running community, supporters and allies to ask for your support as we demand the immediate resignation of NYRR’s President and CEO, Michael Capiraso.”

10 월, Capiraso responded to the allegations in a statement through NYRR to Runner’s World.

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“We believe running has the power to bring diverse groups of people together, and we work every day to make our entire community feel safe, valued, 영감, and heard — whether it’s at work, on a run, or anywhere else. The NYRR leadership team and I are committed to ensuring every one of our employees feels respected, included, and understood. With the assistance of an independent diversity, 공평, and inclusion consultant, we’ve listened to our employees, evaluated our workplace culture, and identified areas where we can change for the better. Working groups made up of staff at all levels are currently addressing priority areas including modifying our existing human resources processes, instituting a comprehensive DEI leadership training program, developing a new decision-making process for staff and leadership, and redefining the organization’s vision and values,” the statement read.

The New York Road Runners organizes the New York City Marathon. 그만큼 2020 event was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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