New York State auctioning stolen 2015 Chevrolet Corvette ... again

A little red 2015 Chevrolet Corvette confiscated by the New York State government is coming up for auction … again.

When someone recently tried to register the coupe, the Department of Motor Vehicles noticed something wasn’t right and discovered that the vehicle identification number had been changed.


Turns out the car had been resold after being stolen from a dealership out of state, which had already received an insurance payout for the loss.

The insurance company decided not to reclaim it, leaving it to the NY Office of General Services to recoup any value from the vehicle, which only has 31,320 miles showing on the odometer.

So the car was issued a salvage title and offered for auction in June, when it received a high bid of $ 32,300, according to the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.


However, the winning bidder couldn’t close the sale, so the car will be offered for a second time through an online auction on July 26.

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