New York Supreme Court dismisses NRA's attempt to halt state attorney general's investigation into the organization

A New York judge Friday rejected an attempt by the National Rifle Association to end an investigation of the organization by the state’s top attorney.

State Supreme Court Judge Joel Cohen dismissed the NRA’s counterclaims against New York Attorney General Letitia James as not viable. The NRA had argued that 제임스’ 조사 였다 “unconstitutionally retaliatory or selective.
The investigation followed reports of serious misconduct and it uncovered additional evidence that, at a bare minimum, undermines any suggestion that was a mere pretext to penalize the NRA for its constitutionally protected activities,” Cohen said in his decision.
    NRA attorney William Brewer III told CNN in a statement that the organization is disappointed by the decision. He said the NRA iscommitted to good governance and is transparent about its efforts in that regard.
      Brewer noted the decision does not impact the NRA’s defense of the attorney general’s lawsuit.
        The NRA believes the NYAG’s pursuit was fueled by her opposition to the Association and its First Amendment activities in support of the Second Amendment,” 브루어가 말했다. “There is an extraordinary public record that the NYAG, as a candidate, vowed to target the Associationchilling evidence of her motivations toward a political adversary.
        에 2020, 제임스’ office accused the NRA of violating laws governing non-profit groups and that current and former leadershipinstituted a culture of self-dealing mismanagement.
          금요일에, James said her office will continue its investigation becauseno organization is above the law.
          “오늘, the court reaffirmed the legitimacy and viability of my office’s lawsuit against the NRA for its years of fraud, 남용, and greed. For almost two years, the NRA has tried every trick in the book to avoid culpability for their actions, only to be repeatedly rejected by the courts,” James said in a statement.
          코헨 previously blocked 제임스’ attempt to dissolve the organization but allowed her case to move forward in March.
            당시, Cohen said the attorney general’s lawsuit painted a grim picture of “욕심, self dealing and lax financial oversightand failed to prove that the alleged mismanagement of money created public harm. Cohen also said dissolving the NRA could affect its membersfree speech rights.
            그 동안에, Brewer said parts of the NRA’s counterclaims were rendered moot when Cohen struck down the attorney general’s attempt to dissolve the organization.

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