New York Times hasn't updated Biden's 'latest poll numbers' page since May

As the Media Research Center first flagged, el Times ha tenido una “En Vivo” página noble “Calificación de aprobación del presidente Biden y las últimas cifras de encuestas: Actualizaciones” meant to be dedicated to the president’s polling.

El último “actualizar” was back on May 10, highlighting an Associated Press/NORC poll showing Biden with an impressive 63% job approval rating.


sin embargo, a lot has changed over the past four months, particularly in the aftermath of Biden’s military withdrawal from Afghanistan.

RealClearPolitics has Biden averaging 45.3% aprobación, a nearly 18-point drop from the last poll the Times last highlighted. The president saw his disapproval surpassing his approval numbers average for the first time on August 20.

The Times did not immediately respond to Fox News’ petición de comentario.

Before the complete stalemate, the Times would regularly update its page with eight posts in March and six in April. The polls cited went beyond Biden’s approval rating, invoking support for voting rights, the COVID vaccine and whether or not then-New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo should resign amid his scandals.

Last Friday, Afghanistan went virtually missing from the Timesfront page with stories about the Texas abortion law and the Hurricane Ida devastation, squeezing in teases for two stories about the Taliban at the bottom, 51 words total.

The Times isn’t the outlet to dial back such up-to-date coverage of the Biden presidency. The Los Angeles Times announced in January itsCovering Kamala Harrispage meant to bethe most comprehensive and authoritative news source as we chronicle Harris’ first year.” sin embargo, the TimesInstagram account dedicated to the VP has not been updated since May 28, less than two weeks before her now-infamous interview with NBC’s Lester Holt where she was grilled about not visiting the U.S. frontera sur.

The page on the Timeswebsite also saw a significant slowdown in its coverage of Harris, which saw a sharp increase only after Fox News noted the paper’s inactivity with stories about her recent trip to Asia and her campaign stop to help California Gov. Gavin Newsom fend off the recall effort against him.

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