New York Times issues correction after labeling Daily Caller journalist as Capitol Hill ‘rioterin photo

New York Times issues correction after labeling Daily Caller journalist as Capitol Hill 'rioter' in photo

纽约时报 was forced to issue a correction after initially labeling a 记者 from The Daily Caller as arioterin a piece about last week’s mayhem on Capitol Hill.

An essay initially published Friday featured several harrowing images from the turmoil that interrupted the joint session of Congress tabulating the Electoral College votes in the 2020 总统选举. One of the images showed a shirtless man attempting to communicate with law enforcement on the other side of a shattered window in a big set of doors.

A rioter during the mayhem at the Capitol,” the Times captioned the image. “He punched the door after being pepper-sprayed and forced out of the building, 3:45 下午”


然而, the man in the photo was actually Daily Caller chief video director Richie McGinniss, who in recent months has been reporting on the ground during unrest in cities across the country. McGinniss was reportedly shirtless because he himself was maced.

As Washington Examiner reporter Emily Brooks 指出, the Times previously included video taken by McGinniss in a report outlining the events surrounding the Kenosha shooting involving Kyle Rittenhouse.

星期日, the Times issued a correction that read: “A picture caption with an earlier version of this essay misidentified the shirtless man shown outside a broken window at the Capitol. He was a videographer working for The Daily Caller, a right-wing website, not one of the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol.


That correction did not sit well with Daily Caller editor-in-chief Geoffrey Ingersoll, who blasted the Times on Monday.

I know things were a hectic, but I find it rather shocking the ease with which the NYT invented a story about a credentialed reporter out of whole cloth and then published it. Given how rapidly the FBI is arresting people, the NYT should take pains to get this stuff right,” Ingersoll began a lengthy thread.

While we’re at it, the NYT correction makes no attempt to correct the implication,” Ingersoll continued. “代替, they say theright wing” [原文如此] reporter was somehow adjacent to the violence and property destruction. This is sickening behavior from the paper of record. Be up front when you f— 向上。”

Ingersoll then accused the Times oflibelingMcGinniss by implying that he works for an outlet thatmay have had some rolein the violence, something he exclaimed wasDISGUSTING.


What a fing weasely way to correct a falsehood,” 他继续. “How about owning up to the mistake? It’s really dumbfounding. Invent a negative story about a person, publish it, then ‘correctit by leaving in the implication.

He also suggested an appropriate correction: “We referred to a man as a rioter and implied he was engaged in violent activity at the capitol. He was a credentialed reporter and was not engaged in violent activity. The NYT regrets the error.

The Times did not immediately respond to Fox News’ 征求意见. Fox News also reached out to McGinniss for comment.