New York Times stealth-edits report on Hunter Biden laptop story, scrubs 'unsubstantiated' following backlash

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) determined on Monday that 推特 was not in violation of election laws when it suppressed the New York Post’s explosive reporting about the damning revelations from the laptop of the then-Democratic nominee 乔·拜登‘s son just weeks before the election, most notably the shady business dealings Hunter had while his father served as vice president.

然而, the Times offered an inaccurate characterization of the Post’s reporting.


The Federal Election Commission has dismissed Republican accusations that Twitter violated election laws in October by blocking people from posting links to an unsubstantiated New York Post article about Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s son Hunter Biden, in a decision that is likely to set a precedent for future cases involving social media sites and federal campaigns,” Times political reporter Shane Goldmacher began his report.

It wasn’t until the Times tweeted out its declaration that the Post’s reporting wasunsubstantiatedthat it caught fire among critics.

As flagged by The Washington Examiner, the Timesreport was given a significant facelift hours later with the help of technology reporter Kate Conger, who was added to the byline.

纽约猎手拜登故事被封锁后,特威特的双重标准出现, 其他媒体通过, 评论家说

When Twitter decided briefly last fall to block users from posting links to an article about Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s son Hunter, it prompted a conservative outcry that Big Tech was improperly aiding Mr. Biden’s presidential campaign,” the report now begins.

Besides an “更新” timestamp of “6:52 下午. 和,” there was no editor’s note or correction made noting the small but significant change.

The Times did not immediately respond to Fox News’ 征求意见.

In addition to Twitter, much of the liberal media suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. CNN’s top brass was caught on tape sayingWe’re not going withthe story, with its star anchor Jake Tapper decrying the claims being made about Joe Biden’s son astoo disgustingto repeat on the air.

While Twitter cracked down on the New York Post, it did not act on the Politico report that cited former intel officials who baselessly claimed that the laptop’s contents showed signs ofRussian disinformation.