New York Times는 조지아 기록에 중요한 수정 사항을 인쇄하는 데 3 일이 걸립니다.

New York Times는 조지아 기록에 중요한 수정 사항을 인쇄하는 데 3 일이 걸립니다.

The New York Times took three days to print a correction of a significant error in its reporting about the 그루지야 recount process.

After stating Friday that onlyseveral hundreduncounted ballots were found during the recount of the Georgia presidential contest, the Times waited until Monday to correct it tomore than 5,000.The article appeared on the front page of Saturday’s edition, and the correction did not make it to print until Tuesday.

The previously uncounted Georgia ballots were mainly found in Fayette and Floyd Counties and broke heavily for President 도날드 트럼프. The recount affirmed President-elect 조 바이든‘s win in Georgia, but it lowered his margin of victory from about 14,000 ...에 12,260, a reduction of more than 10 퍼센트.


Journalist Jeryl Bier noted the delayed correction by the Times on Twitter and called itinexcusably sloppy” 그리고 “kind of thing that feeds conspiracy and bias talk.Trump has repeatedly criticized the Times and other mainstream media outlets for having a liberal bias.

Biden became the first Democrat to carry Georgia in a presidential race since Bill Clinton in 1992. He also took Arizona, 미시간, 펜실베니아, and Wisconsin back from Trump’s 2016 column en route to capturing the White House.

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Georgia is the site of two U.S. Senate runoff races that will determine party control of the chamber. Should Sens. 켈리 로플 러, R-Ga., and David Perdue, R-Ga., hold their seats on Jan. 5, Biden will take office with a divided Congress.

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