New York will soon reopen theme parks, summer camps

뉴욕 will soon allow amusement parks and arcades to reopen following months of COVID-19 closures.

Arcades and indoor entertainment facilities can resume with 25% capacity beginning March 26, and outdoor theme parks can reopen April 9 ...에서 33% of their capacity, 정부. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.

Outdoor amusement parks in New York will reopen in April.

Outdoor amusement parks in New York will reopen in April. (iStock)

Social distancing and face coverings will be required for all customers and staff in addition to health screenings with temperature checks for all customers before entry, the guidance says. All facilities must submit their reopening plans with health and safety protocols to their local health department.


With continued decreases in the infection and hospitalization rates, we have been able to take steps toward beginning our post-COVID recovery and we are excited to now be in a place where we can bring back our recreational industries with safety protocols in place,” Cuomo said in a statement.

Cuomo will also allow day and sleepaway camps to start gearing up for a summer reopening in New York State, as the empire state sees fewer coronavirus infections. The Department of Health will put out reopening guidance in the coming weeks.

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Cuomo said outdoor amusement parks and indoor entertainment facilities must collect information for contact tracing if needed. High-touch areas such as ride cars must be frequently disinfected during the day, and tickets should be sold in advance to avoid crowds and congestion, the guidance says.




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