New Zealand police respond to 4-year-old's adorable emergency call

新西兰警方立即行动,前往一名 4 岁男孩的家中 — 检查他的玩具是否像他说的那么酷.

原力分享了一段交流的片段, 这是 “太可爱了不想分享” 至 脸书, where the call begins in the usual fashion, with the dispatcher asking what the nature of the emergency was.
Police lady?… Can I tell you something?” a boy asks.
    I’ve got some toys for you,” he tells the operator.
      You’ve got some toys for me?” she asks. “Come over and see them!” he adds.
        There is then a scuffle, and an adult comes to the phone, informing the operator that there is no emergency.
        After the call, a police dispatch was sent out asking for any officers near the address, 说明: “There is a four-year-old there who is wanting to show police their toys, over.
          An officer leaps to respond, replying: “是啊, I’m one up, I’ll attend to.
          Constable Kurt, who attended the call, confirmed that the boydid have cool toys.
          Police also treated the child to a tour of the police car, and showed him the blue flashing lights.
            Constable Kurt from Southern District Police responded by arriving at the child’s house and was shown an array of toys,” the force posted on Facebook. “He also had a good educational chat with the child and his parents about only using 111 for emergencies,” 它添加了.
            While we don’t encourage children to call 111 to show us their toys, this was too cute not to share,” the force added.