Newt Gingrich accuses Democrats of holding 'massive' spending bill 'hostage'

PELOSI, 기반 시설 법안에 대한 패배 인정, SAYS ‘MORE TIME IS NEEDED’

뉴트 깅그리치: It’s not a stunt if it works, and what’s happened is that the big-government socialists, 특히 하우스에서, have decided blackmail is the only way they can get it done. But remember the infrastructure bill, 약간 60 percent of it, 약 $ 700 십억, is the Highway Trust Fund, which is very, very popular. So there’s a lot of pressure to be able to refund the Highway Trust Fund. I think looking beyond Pelosi- beginning to maneuver to set up that they’re the power brokers for the next speaker. They are very determined to hold the infrastructure bill hostage. Sinema may not like it, but it’s a legitimate parliamentary maneuver on behalf of people who want to get what they want to get. 질문은 ~이야, will Sinema and Manchin hang tough? And if they do, does it all kind of just melt down?

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