Newt Gingrich: Biden's Afghanistan surrender – who will be held accountable for this national disgrace?

The debacle in Afghanistan should be setting off alarm bells in Washington. We surrendered the country that we’d been defending to a seventh-century tribe, which had endured immense casualties and was unable to defeat the U.S. on the battlefield. But the Taliban was able to defeat America politically and psychologically.

In a healthy country, the Taliban takeover would be a real crisis – one that causes a fundamental rethinking within the Pentagon, Departamento de Estado and intelligence community about how they’ve been operating.


How can we have spent 20 años, thousands of lives, and trillions of dollars and then lose to a band of medieval thugs with no air force? This is the kind of question the generals, diplomats and analysts should be asking in the halls of government.

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It’s troubling how unfazed many of our leaders appear to be, especially the principals of the Biden administration. What they don’t seem to understand – or perhaps worse, don’t recognize the importance of – is that what happened in Afghanistan isn’t just about Afghanistan.

porcelana, Rusia, Iran, Corea del Norte, other jihadists – they’re all taking note of what’s transpired over the past several weeks. The world now sees America as completely unreliable. We need to show that we’re both reliable and dangerous.

Accountability is absolutely crucial to come to grips with how big a problem this is and to reestablish respect among allies and enemies. The leaders who, through their shameless incompetence, threw away two decades of sacrifice in a matter of days, left Americans behind enemy lines, betrayed our Afghan allies, and left Afghanistan to reemerge as a terrorist haven must be held responsible.

Desafortunadamente, no one is taking responsibility – not Biden, not Austin, not Milley. And the nation will suffer as a result.

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