Newt Gingrich details lessons Republicans can learn from Democrats' failures

ニュートギングリッチ: I think that particularly in the House, Kevin McCarthy has taken a real lead in developing a team effort, much more sophisticated than we had in ’94. And I think they’re going to have the equivalent of a contract. They’re going to lay out big, bold ideas that are positive, and they’re going to be prepared to execute them starting in January when they take over. So I’m very encouraged. I think the Senate’s not quite as far down the road yet, although Rick Scott has tried very hard to move them in that direction, and I think they’re gradually moving in the right direction. 上手, 見て, you one, have to win the argument about policy. ええ, these guys are incompetent, but it’s more than incompetence. What they believe is wrong, what they’re trying to do is wrong. That’s why I wrote the book on defeating big government socialism.

We have to win the case that the very base of the Democratic Party is committed to ideas that don’t work in the real world. Then second, we have to be prepared to govern, not in, ええと, in ’25. We have to be prepared to govern in January of 2023. And I think that it’s very important when we took over in ’94, we had a governing agenda. We moved it. It was popular enough, ところで, that on the average vote on the key issues, 63 Democrats voted with us because back home, people said to them, you got to be for welfare reform. You got to be for the tax cut. You got to be for a balanced budget. And I think if we do it right next year, we can set a pattern which you see with the Republican governors. というのは, 全体, the Republican governors have done a phenomenal job of creating jobs, solving problems, reforming the schools, doing things that really matter to people and the House and Senate Republicans should do the same.