Newt Gingrich on 'Fox & Friends': Americans see a system that’s failing after Biden's first year

ニュートギングリッチ: ギャラップは、バイデンが党のアイデンティティで9ポイントのアドバンテージを持っている民主党員で年に入り、共和党員が党のアイデンティティで5ポイントのアドバンテージを持っていることで年を終えたと報告しました. Party identity is a very hard thing to shift. They shifted it 14 points if you add the two together. 14 points in one year in reaction to the Biden presidency.

And I think part of it is reality … you have 101 ships still sitting off Long Beach, カリフォルニア. You have a logistic supply chain mess. You have the former head of Walmart saying his stores look like the Soviet era in Russia. They can’t put anything on the shelves. I think people look at all of this and they feel it every time they fill up their car. And they see a system that’s failing. And they don’t see any evidence that the Biden team realizes that.