Newt Gingrich on 'Kilmeade Show': Why the Democrats have big problems heading into 2024


NEWT GINGRICH: Biden is not a dynamic leader. He wasn’t a dynamic leader when he was younger and he sure is not going to become a dynamic leader when he falls asleep in public. So, Biden is not going to be the solution. Kamala Harris’ great function in life, which is to make us grateful that Biden is there because the idea of Kamala Harris as president is truly horrifying. She is a person who knows nothing and proves that almost every time she shows up in public. I think they have a challenge. Whether or not they know they have a challenge is a different question because one of the great problems with the Democratic Party is that it’s very isolated from the real world. They get in rooms and talk to themselves.


The problem is that they’re now trapped in this big government socialism in the country. … We have a project called the American Majority Project, and we do a ton of focus groups and surveys. And when asked whether you prefer big government socialism or free enterprise capitalism by 59 aan 16, people prefer free-market capitalism to big government socialism. That means that about one out of every six people favors the philosophy that currently dominates the Democratic Party. One out of six. And I don’t think they can get out from under it. I think the long journey that began with George McGovern has finally reached its natural consequence, and the dominant wing of the Democratic Party today is hard left. Manchin and Sinema, Jy moet bedank want.., are the last stand of the old order, and they would be smart to switch parties because they’re never going to have a positive impact on the Democratic Party.


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