Newt Gingrich predicts replay of 2021 with disastrous results for Democrats

NEWT GINGRICH: I think the policies he adopted are disastrous in the real world. He is anti-American energy. The price of gasoline and heating oil go up. He has launched a program of inflation. People feel it in their pocketbooks every time they go to the store. He has totally failed to meet the logistic supply chain crisis. There are still 90 ships offshore waiting to be offloaded in southern California. You go through item after item and Biden’s problem is the real world.

There are still 100,000-plus people coming across the border illegally every month. None of them with Covid checks, none of them with criminal record checks. So, we’re seeing a compounding of reality in ways that I think make it hard for them. Intussen, they simply took off too big a bite. Their idea of Build Back Better was actually build back a lot bigger, and that’s not what the country wants. And so I think we’re going to see a replay of 2021 with a disastrous result in November for the Democrats.


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