Newt Gingrich: The woke left and media allies are on the attack but Americans of all races remain patriotic

The greatest dangers facing the Democratici nel 2022 e 2024 are their radical wing’s constant outbursts of public anti-Americanism and their “si svegliò” efforts to coerce Americans into accepting ideas they don’t believe – and in some cases deeply repudiate.

Despite everything you see in the woke-radical left-dominated media, Americans remain remarkably traditional in how they see themselves and how they value patriotism.

McLaughlin & Associates did a survey for a Gingrich 360 project we are working on, and the results were far more definite than the left-wing media would lead you to expect.


Consider the following survey results.

The left constantly uses divisive language and tries to force Americans to assume tribal identities along racial or ethnic lines rather than favor a shared national identity.

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Indipendentemente, 87 percent of Americans see themselves primarily as Americans while only 8 percent see themselves primarily as persons of color. Blacks see themselves as Americans by a 66 per cento a 28 percent margin. Hispanics are 76 per cento a 17 percent pro-American identity. In particolare, among immigrant households, 85 percent consider themselves American and only 11 percent consider themselves persons of color.

Così, the next time you hear some leftwing figure promoting racial or tribal identity over a united American identity, remember they are talking to one-tenth of the country and are rejected by 85 percent of the country.


While the left is attacking America, our history, and our institutions, more than three-in-four Americans (78 per cento) agree that the United States is the greatest country on earth. Solo 19 percent disagree. È interessante, immigrant households are 79 per cento a 18 percent in agreement that the United States being the greatest nation on earth.

While the left focuses on anti-American distortions of history and diatribes against the United States, three-out-of-four Americans (75 per cento) also agree that America is the freest and most democratic country on the planet. This is true for Black Americans (64 per cento), Hispanics Americans (72), and immigrant households (77 per cento).

After all the ranting about systemic racism, teoria critica della razza, and other efforts to get people to think in terms of tribal divisiveness, the American ideal remains unifying and oriented toward individuals rather than groups.

Infatti, di 91 per cento a 5 per cento, Americans agree with Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. that the content of a person’s character is more important than the color of his or her skin.

This remarkably consistent support of the American people for a positive view of America is a warning to the left: If you persist in being the racist, negative, divisive party that is trying to use the government and societal elitism to force tribal identities upon the American people, you will be rejected by massive majorities.

Americans do not accept your warped and destructive repudiation of America.

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