Newt Gingrich: Trump's track record on endorsements so far verges on astonishing

NEWT GINGRICH: Remember that it’s very, very likely now that Mehmet Oz is going to win in Pennsylvania and he was endorsed by Trump. So the president overall, President Trump overall has a very good track record. Look, I want to say I was for Perdue. And as you know, I’m very deeply for Jake Evans in the sixth District. But the fact is that Governor Kemp, to his credit, put together a very powerful campaign, used all the weapons that a sitting governor has to raise an amazing amount of money spent about two and a half months demolishing Perdue as a candidate, with Perdue not having the money to counter it. And Kemp is going to win a significant victory. And I think we ought to be honest about it. That’s the only major defeat that Trump is going to have tonight. And overall, Trump’s track record so far verges on astonishing.


Look, in all of American history, I don’t know of any period where somebody who’s out of office has the kind of power in state after state, after state that Donald Trump has. Now, that’s just a fact. You can like him or dislike him, but that’s a fact. I think one of the keys to the future of the party in terms of this 2022 is going to be to make sure that we all pull together in Georgia, because Herschel Walker’s race is one of the most important Senate races in the whole country. I think Herschel can win, but it’s going to take a unified party. And frankly, while I was very much for Perdue, I’ll do everything I can to help Governor Kemp win because I think we need a Republican ticket in Georgia that can win. 

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