NFL legend Marshall Faulk urges Americans to get educated about COVID-19 vaccine

Get educated.


Faulk, a Pro Football Hall of Famer, spoke to Fox News Wednesday on behalf of the NFL Alumni Health, which is providing an outreach and education initiative to help promote the COVID-19 vaccination. Faulk, along with more than 40 former and current pro football players, including fellow Hall of Famers Rod Woodson and Cris Carter, are all a part of the outreach as the delta variant continues to cause concerns for Americans across the country.

Faulk, who received the COVID-19 vaccine, said he has had a positive experience.

My experience was good,” Faulk said. “I was one of the many people who didn’t have any side effects. It’s almost like I was relieved in a sense of all the things that were going on and how many lives were lost. I was anxious to get it. But what I do understand is there are some other people who are apprehensive about it, and I think what we need to do is stand in our space and allow the vaccinated to be vaccinated, and the non-vaccinated to not be vaccinated.

Kurt Warner, Orlando Pace, Isaac Bruce and Marshall Faulk pose during the induction ceremony at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Aug. 7, 2021 in Canton, Ohio.

Kurt Warner, Orlando Pace, Isaac Bruce and Marshall Faulk pose during the induction ceremony at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Aug. 7, 2021 in Canton, Ohio. (Ron Schwane-Pool/Getty Images)


The NFL Alumni Health, which is partnering with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is doing this campaign just to simply educate people, Faulk said. Die vorige Ramme star running back urged people to talk to their health care provider and doctor toget the correct information and then make a correct decision.

Don’t listen to the pundits on social media, the stuff that you’re reading… Actually go to your doctor, so you can make an educated decision,” Faulk stated. “That’s what this whole thing is about. If we can get people to do that, then this whole campaign and what we’re doing is going to be worth something. Just stop listening to the non-doctors, and go listen to your doctors. Sit down with a health care professional and hear what they have to say about the benefits of doing it versus not doing it, and if you do it, what the repercussions are.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson en Minnesota Vikings signal-caller Kirk Cousins are two players who have been outspoken about the COVID-19 vaccine. Cousins recently told reporters that he wasat peacewith his decision to go unvaccinated this season. Jackson, on other hand, was recently asked by reporters if he would get the vaccine, but he wouldn’t commit to it, noem dit 'n “personal decision.

Faulk said that he wants them to make theright decision with the right information.

I’m not here to beat people over the head and debate them on what’s right and what’s wrong,” Faulk continued. “What I’m here to do is to let them know that there’s an educated decision that should be made and could be made with this. And that’s all we are asking you to do. Seek out a health care professional and get the information necessary to help you and your family make the best decision possible.

If they’ve done that, and they still feel that what they are doing is the best decision for them and their family, then what I can say is you’re making an educated decision and that’s it. That’s all we want people to do.

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