Nicole Richie는 실수로 생일 케이크 촛불을 끄면서 머리에 불을 붙였습니다.

생일 축하 해요 … 응!

Nicole Richie was celebrating her 40th birthday and has now shared a video of her hair catching fire right as she blew out her birthday candles.
그녀는 비디오에 자막을 넣었다, “잘… 지금까지 40 이다” then the fire emoji.
    Since Richie posted the video to her Instagram, she has received over 15,000 코멘트. One of which was from her brother-in-law Benjamin Madden, who made a little joke about the incident, “Happy Birthday Sis love you and thankful for you always stay lit.
      Richie is married to Madden’s brother, Joel.
        CNN has reached out to her representative for further comment.

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