Nigel Farage blasts Biden on 'Fox & Friends First': America 'isolated and friendless'


NIGEL FARAGE: 알 잖아, Biden came to the G7 here in the U.K. America is back. And they all said, 오, isn’t it marvelous? We’ve got rid of that nasty Mr. 지우다. We’ve got Biden. It’s all going to be great. 사실은, what Biden has done is taken America back to total isolationism, because not only has he offended us, the British, and we do have a very special relationship. He’s called the whole future of NATO into doubt.

Nobody I mean, 솔직히, nobody could trust the Americans right now in terms of getting involved in any military engagements, because clearly he’s not a man of his word. He made promises at the G7 that he broke with the unilateral withdrawal from Afghanistan. And so America is isolated and friendless and America may well be a big, 강한, 강한, rich country. But everybody needs friends in the world. So I think the irony is that the so-called internationalist Democrats, actually they’re the isolationists. And it was Donald Trump who was constantly reaching out, constantly on the telephone and traveling the world, pursuing what was actually a very successful US foreign policy.

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