Nigel Farage blasts 'ineffectual' Biden on climate change hypocrisy: It's 'complete madness'

바이든, G20 기자회견 늦어진 점 사과: ‘WE WERE PLAYING WITH ELEVATORS’

NIGEL FARAGE: 물론, and that’s the same phenomenon that we’ve been through, don’t produce anything at home, have it all done by Russia and other countries like that. 내말은, it’s complete madness. It’s totally hypocriticalChina’s not going. Russia’s not going. 인도, 잘, Modi is going, but I think very reluctant given income per head to change much in terms of coal use in India. So you basically got about 40% of the world’s outputters of CO2, who are not going to budge an inch. And the rest of usare supposed to have expensive energy in return. 말도 안돼.

I think the truth of it is that ever since the Afghanistan withdrawal, done without any consultation with your long-term allies, America’s reputation is frankly down the tubes. And I think Biden looks posturing, ineffectual, and I’m sure Boris Johnson, who’s chairing this, is pleased that Biden’s there because he’s gone absolutely crazy on this green agenda. … What is the point of us closing down industries, putting out everyone’s fuel bills at home if India, China and Russia aren’t going to play the game? It is ludicrous.

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