Nighttime border footage shows group of adult men and small children discovered by authorities

The video was originally posted to Instagram by former Marine and activist Victor Marx. His groupAll Things Possiblegoes to the border to provide humanitarian in the form of stuffed animals, water and snacks to women and children who cross the border.

Marx’s party witnessed a group of men and small children being led by Texas National Guard members to a staging area near Fronton, テキサス, where they are processed and eventually turned over into federal custody.


The Texas Department of Public Safety did not authenticate the video itself but did confirm that Marx andAll Things Possiblewere near the border and in contact with the Texas National Guard.

Marx claimed that the group was illustrative of how often adults cross the border with children who are not theirs.

That video footage was a perfect example. This was one group, not a woman in there. These are all hard dudes,” Marx said.

Customs and Border Protection told Fox News that itconducts interviews to identify adults who fraudulently are claiming to be the parent of a minor child” そして “may also look for evidence that the same child has been encountered on multiple occasions with different adults or claimed family members. This Fiscal Year, CBP has identified over 50 cases of fraudulent family unit claims.

Lt. 大佐. Pete Chambers of the Texas National Guard, who serves as a liaison between the Guard and NGOs likeAll Things Possible,” said it is not uncommon for groups of all shapes and sizes to cross the border.

You definitely see groups of weird variations,” Chambers said. “Two little girls the other night who were like seven years old, sisters, no parents. Then there was a group last night probably about kids and one adult lady who was not related to any of them.

Citing rough numbers, Chambers said that in the sector he is responsible for there are several thousand people crossing the border per week.

Marx lauded the Texas National Guard for its work on the border and for allowing outside groups like his to access migrants where he said the federal government isreally running interference. 彼は言った: “Even just six months ago you could have access, they would take you on tourspeople were open. Now it’s shut down like it’s unreal.

Marx added: “That’s why these overcrowded facilities, that’s why they’re hiding all this. They know the federal government knows they’re not doing a good job because of the sheer numbers of kids that are here.


Marx also said that his group’s humanitarian work is rewarding, especially given the situation of many of the migrants who cross the border.

Last night there was a group, and these were families, and man they were dehydrated,” Marx said. “Some had been traveling for a month and a half to get here and then some are hidingthey’re hiding all day. They don’t have water. So when they cross over and we do first contact, we kive the kids and women water, snacks and then the lion and the lamb,” 彼は言った, referring to stuffed animals they hand out.

There’s music in it. There’s prayers. It’s made specific to lower anxiety. So that’s why you’ll see kids, they’ll clinch it, and start to cry or they smile or they laugh,” 彼が追加した. “The border should be far more secure. But once these kids and women make it in we must move to a humanitarian point.