Nikki Haley on 'Kilmeade Show': 러시아, China saw America 'sell out' its allies in Afghanistan


러시아군이 계속해서 우크라이나 도시를 폭격하고 침공함에 따라: The reality is he’s not doing anything about it. Deterrence is a real thing. If you look back at during the Trump administration, my very first Security Council speech was against Russian aggression in Ukraine and whether we were taking on Russia or North Korea or China or Iran, the whole point is you stand tough, you stand strong and you let them know you mean business. And when you do that, you deter them. What happened with Biden is he showed weakness everywhere. 내말은, it started with Afghanistan. You watched us basically sell out our allies. You saw America’s fall.

Now you’re looking at Russia, 하나, you caved on Nord Stream 2, you caved when it came to Germany and literally calling them out, which Trump and all of our administration did on Nord Stream 2. You now are sitting there just waiting for Putin to act … Biden should be doing something now. He should be doing sanctions now. He should be strengthening the spine of NATO now. They should be sending anti-aircraft, anti-ship, anti-tank missiles because that’s what Russia doesn’t want. And they should be hitting Russia where it hurts. They are a one-industry country. They should be hitting them within the energy sector. And he’s not doing any of that. He’s just talking about how bad it’s going to be.

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