Nikki Haley shreds Biden admin for UN probe into US human rights: 'We look so ridiculous' to rest of world

Haley: I thought that the Biden administration was extreme leftist. This is flat-out insane. The idea – you’ve got a million Muslim Uighurs that are being tortured. You’ve got people being bullied and beaten in the streets of Cuba. You’ve got Venezuelans that are arresting political protesters, all of which Biden chooses to sit with on the Human Rights Council. And the U.S. is asking the United Nations, a cesspool of political bias, to come into the United States and investigate us on human rights?

We look so ridiculous in the eyes of the world right now. I can’t even imagine what the world is thinking. I can’t imagine what those ambassadors at the U.N. are thinking. I sat there and fought for the fact that we were the freest, best country in the world. And now you have our own secretary of state calling the U.N. to do an investigation? quiero decir, no puedes inventar esto. This isn’t just insane, this is dangerous. It’s incredibly dangerous…

Los Estados Unidos. should be standing up at the United Nations, calling a hearing in the Security Council about what is happening in Cuba right now. quiero decir, los Estados Unidos. needs to be holding a hearing at the United Nations Human Rights Council. If they wanted to join it, why aren’t you going and calling out your colleague in Cuba saying, “What are you doing?” We need the rest of the world to join in on this. This is exactly why we keep the embargo. This is exactly why we need other countries to join. It’s that pressure that will get the Cuban dictatorship to stop.


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