Nissan designs mobile office van for ‘work from home’ ouderdom

Nissan designs mobile office van for 'work from home' age

Tired of working from home? Wel, Nissan has developed a way for you to get a taste of the FBI stakeout life instead.


The NV350 Caravan Office Pod is a minivan with all of the comforts of your home office built into it.

The vehicle is equipped with a slide-out workspace that has a built-in desk, Herman Miller chair and transparent floor.


Translucent sides on the van provide privacy and light for when the workspace is stowed, while a Plexiglas floor offers a view of whatever it’s hovering above when deployed.


There’s also a koffie machine and a sundeck on the roof for when you need some caffeine and vitamin D and a virus-killing UV light in the glove compartment.

The vehicle is very much a concept that was created by Nissan for its virtual Tokyo Auto Salon presentation after the physical show was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.




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