NJ angler sets potential record with 25-pound blackfish near Cape May

NJ angler sets potential record with 25-pound blackfish near Cape May

There’s still time to nab a record-breaking fish.

A New Jersey angler caught what is expected to be a new state record during a chartered fishing trip off the coast of Cape May. While the fish has been weighed on a certified scale, the paperwork still needs to be processed before the record can be verified.

Chris Sullivan caught the 25-pound, 8-ounce tautog (also known as a blackfish) 일요일에, Philly Voice 보고서. Sullivan had been out on a trip with FishinFever Sportfishing Charters in southern New Jersey.


The state’s previous record, which was set five years ago, is only a few ounces lighter than Sullivan’s recent catch, 그만큼 Asbury Park Press 보고서. Sullivan’s fish reportedly still needs to go through the New Jersey State Record Fish Program before the record can be officiated. Since the fish was weighed on a certified scale, 하나, the remaining process is expected to comprise of only paperwork.

Another passenger on the boat told the news outlet that Sullivan only wrestled with the fish for about a minute before being able to pull it into the boat.

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Fishin’ Fever Sportfishing Charters later touted the catch on 페이스 북: “Probably most of you have heard, this past Sunday we have broken our own state record for tog. Congratulations to angler Chris Sullivan on a fish of a lifetime. 25.8lbs on a certified scale back at the marina.

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The post continues, “Since it’s the holidays, I’m working on getting the last piece of the paperwork to the state and everything will be certified. This fish has eclipsed our previous state record of 25.4 [파운드].”

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