NJ fish may set new world record, depending on how its classified

A man in New Jersey recently reeled in a large tilefish that set a new state record. Based on naming conventions for the fish, しかしながら, it may also set a new world record.

George Hanakis, from Perth Amboy, caught a 23 pound, 8 ounce Gray Tilefish on September 1. The fish measured 34 inches long and had a girth of 25 インチ.

The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife has officially recognized the fish as a new state record. According to a post on the division’s Facebook ページ, Hanakis’ fish surpassed the previous state record by 4 オンス.


The NJ DFW wrote, “The Division of Fish and Wildlife has officially certified, and is pleased to announce, the catch of a new state record saltwater fish. George Hanakis of Perth Amboy reeled in the new state record Gray Tilefish on September 1, 2021. The fish weighed in at 23 ポンド, 8 オンス, eclipsing the previous state record by 4 ounces and measured 34in length with a girth of 25″. George was bottom fishing from the boat, Jamaica, captained by Howard Bogan, Jr. They were located in Wilmington Canyon when he caught the tilefish with a Shimano Terez rod, a Gamakatsu lure and a Daiwa reel with 100-pound test braided line.

While the fish has been confirmed as an NJ state record, it may also qualify as a new world record.

While the fish is referred to as a Gray Tilefish in NJ, other states recognize the same fish as a Blueline Tilefish. The International Game Fish Association also recognizes the fish as a Blueline, Outdoor Life レポート.


The current world record Tilefish, according to the International Game Gish Association, weighed 23 ポンド, four ounces. Depending on how Hanakis’ fish is identified, it could surpass that record.




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