NJ GOP gov candidate Jack Ciattarelli rips 'tone deaf elitist' Phil Murphy as polls narrow

Ciattarelli는 말했다 “Hannity” 약 10포인트의 투표 부족에도 불구하고, 그는 여론조사가 11월까지 계속 축소될 것이라고 예측합니다. 2 approaches in the Garden State – pointing out that despite its liberal bent, the state’s voters have elected Republicans to Trenton in six of the last ten races.

If you look at history we do win races but don’t cut ahead until Election Day,” 그는 말했다. “We are right where we need to be at this point in time. We are in a better position than previous gubernatorial candidates… We will carve out the razor-thin margin that we always have in the past.

The state’s last Republican governor, 크리스 크리스티, saw his lieutenant, Kimberly Guadagno, lose to Murphy four years ago after he became term-limited, but Ciattarelli said Murphy’s political messaging and numerous failures on the coronavirus pandemic mitigation front will be a factor on Election Day.

Murphy recently remarked that if taxes are the issue for the voter, 그때 New Jersey is not their state, as well as championing it as the California of the East Coast, the candidate noted. Murphy made the latter remark in a 2017 discussion with then-California Gov. Edmund “실내 변기” 갈색.

Host 션 해니 티 noted that Murphy’s COVID nursing home death numbers rivaled that of now-former New York Gov. 앤드류 쿠 오모, but that the former Goldman Sachs executive never got the same press as the outspoken Queens Democrat.

As he alluded to, New Jersey under Murphy saw multiple types of socioeconomic lockdown measures and mandates similar to its three blue-state neighbors of Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York, that crippled its economy and led to the permanent closure of many family businesses.

He’s telling people to leave,” Ciattarelli said of Murphy. “People of this state love this state, they realize it is broken.

“[머피] is tone-deaf, he’s an elitist, and he’s just not New Jersey. We will continue to pound that home,” he said of his ticket, which includes running mate Diane Allen, a former Philadelphia newscaster and ex-Burlington lawmaker.

Ciattarelli and Allen have promoted their ticket at rallies and in signage as “잭 & 다이앤” – in reference to the John Mellencamp ditty.

The Somerville businessman told Hannity that his campaign is focused on lowering the state’s property taxes and improving the business climate.

I think we are dying a slow death and we will change that with my administration,” 그는 말했다.

In the other gubernatorial race this year, Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin seeks to prevent former Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe from retaining his old seat. That race is within the statistical margin of error in recent polls.

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