No Biden reboot coming from president who thinks he's 'outperformed'

Biden is not interested in making any course corrections because, na alles, hy het, by his own modest estimation, “outperformed what anybody thought would happen.” Verder, the president is convincedwe have made enormous progressand everything isgetting better.

That’s what he told the country during his recent perskonferensie, which was an eye-opener. Turns out Joe Biden is either seriously delusional or utterly sequestered and misled by his team. Don’t take my word for it; read his own statements.


Addressing his White House’s effort to “gesluit” die pandemie, as he promised to do, Biden gesê, “Am I satisfied with the way in which we have dealt with COVID and all the things that – that go along with it?  Yeah, I am satisfied.  I think we’ve done remarkably well.

As to the performance of his embattled and unpopular vice president, Biden said of Kamala Harris: “I think she’s doing a good job.” Wel, what could he say?

When asked how his administration’s report card might appear to voters as they approach the midterm elections, Biden said itwould look pretty good.

That’s an interesting assumption, given that a new Politico/Morning Consult poll found 37% of respondents gave Biden an “F” for his first year in office, more than awarded him an “A” of “B.A poll which, curiously, graded Biden worse that Donald Trump. For Biden voters, that’s the final ignominy.

Maar, as Biden declared during the presser, “I don’t believe the polls.

Joe Biden thinks he has not done a good enough job explaining to people how wonderfully things are going.

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