Il bambino di 1 anno della Carolina del Nord muore per la morte di un'auto a caldo, 10esimo bambino negli Stati Uniti quest'anno: rapporto

Il bambino è morto a Mebane, di 32 miglia a est di Greensboro, Ha detto Kids and Car Safety. È stata la quarta figlia a morire in circostanze simili questa settimana, disse l'organizzazione no profit.

Mebane police officers received a call just before 12:25 p.m. about a cardiac arrest, VOLPE 8 segnalato. All'arrivo, CPR was being administered to the child. The father of the child reportedly left her in the vehicle.

Investigators have not determined how long the child inside. No charges were filed as of Friday afternoon.


Seats for children mounted in a minivan.<strong> </forte>A 1-year-old North Carolina girl died Friday after being left in a hot vehicle.

Seats for children mounted in a minivan.<forte> </forte>A 1-year-old North Carolina girl died Friday after being left in a hot vehicle. (iStock)

Temperatures reached up to 90 degrees in the area, secondo i rapporti locali.

The death came after another 1-year-old child in Georgia died after being found unresponsive Thursday in a car in Danielsville, 90 miles east of Atlanta.

Da 1990, più di 1,000 bambini have died in hot cars, disse l'organizzazione no profit. Un altro 7,300 survived with various types of injuries.

“Sfortunatamente, this is yet another example of why it is extremely important to have effective occupant detection technology as standard equipment in all vehicles as quickly as possible,” Janette Fennell, founder and president of Kids and Car Safety, ha detto in una dichiarazione.

The group noted an overwhelming majority of hot car deaths involved aloving, responsible parent that unknowingly left the child.

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