North Korea declares 'major national emergency' as first case of Covid-19 identified, 州メディアの報道

北朝鮮は、Covid-19の最初の症例を特定しました, 水曜日に報道された国営メディア.

国営通信社KCNAは、首都平壌でのオミクロン変異体の症例を報告した, calling the situation amajor national emergency.
It is not clear how many cases have been detected.
    An outbreak of Covid-19 could prove dire for North Korea. The country’s dilapidated health care infrastructure is unlikely to be up to the task of treating a large number of patients with a highly infectious disease.
      North Korea had not previously acknowledged any coronavirus cases, though experts claim that may be a product of Pyongyang’s limited testing capacity.
          Few believe that a country of around 25 million people has been spared by a virus that has infected millions worldwide, especially after its state media warned in 2020 that an incident involving a symptomatic defector from South Korea might lead to adeadly and destructive disaster.
          これは発展途上の物語です. More to come.