North Korea has fired at least one ballistic missile from the country's east coast, sê owerhede

Seoel, Suid-Korea North Korea fired at least one ballistic missile from its eastern coast on Tuesday morning, according to South Korean and Japanese officials.

The launch took place in the port city of Sinpo, Hamgyong province, omstreeks 10 am. local time Tuesday (9 nm. EN Maandag), South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said.
Japan’s Deputy Secretary General Yoshihiko Isozaki said two ballistic missiles were fired during Tuesday’s launch, while South Korea’s military only initially announced one projectile.
    South Korea’s military said in a statement it was working with the United States to analyze details of the launch.
      The latest North Korean test follows months of seesawing tensions on the Korean Peninsula. Pyongyang has been testing a growing number of projectiles in 2021, including what it claimed was a new hypersonic missile in late September.
        Op dieselfde tyd, relations have been warming between North and South Korea, with Pyongyang agreeing to reopen official communications with Seoul on October 4.




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