Notre Dame president tests positive for Covid-19 nearly a week after attending SCOTUS announcement with no mask

The president of Notre Dame has tested positive for Covid-19 nearly a week after he attended a White House event where he was spotted without a mask.

Fr. John Jenkins tested positive and is now isolated with mild symptoms, according to a message from the school sent to members of the Campus Community Friday afternoon.
During self-quarantine this week, University of Notre Dame President Rev. John I. Jenkins, CSC, learned that a colleague with whom he has been in regular contact tested positive for COVID-19. Fr Jenkins was tested and found to be positive for COVID-19 too. Como resultado, he is entering an extended period of isolation as indicated by University medical personnel and county health officials,” the message said.
My symptoms are mild and I will continue work from home,” Jenkins said in the press release. “The positive test is a good reminder for me and perhaps for all of how vigilant we need to be.
    Notre Dame University President John Jenkins speaks in South Bend, Indiana, En abril 15, 2014.

    The University declined to make further comment.
    This comes nearly a week after Jenkins attended the announcement for the White House Supreme Court of the United States nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett.
    He was seen at the announcement shaking hands and not wearing a mask.
    El lunes, Jenkins wrote a letter to his students titledI regret my error of judgment in not wearing a mask,” in which he apologized and said he would quarantine out of an abundance of caution in accordance with university protocols.
    I know many of you have read about the White House ceremony I recently attended. I write to express my regret for certain choices I made that day and for failing to lead as I should have,” Jenkins said in the letter.
    When I arrived at the White House, a medical professional took me to an exam room to obtain a nasal swab for a rapid COVID-19 test. I was then directed to a room with others, all fully masked, until we were notified that we had all tested negative and were told that it was safe to remove our masks,” él explicó. “We were then escorted to the Rose Garden, where I was seated with others who also had just been tested and received negative results.
    I regret my error of judgment in not wearing a mask during the ceremony and by shaking hands with a number of people in the Rose Garden,” Jenkins added.
    Jenkins is on the Commission on Presidential Debates.
      He previously announced the presidential debate would not occur at Notre Dame citingconstraintssurrounding the ongoing pandemic.
      Despite being included in Saturday’s event, Jenkins was criticized by campaign manager Bill Stepien for anti-Trump sentiments during a campaign call Thursday.

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