NuggetsJamal Murray ejected after hitting MavericksTim Hardaway in groin area

Nuggets' Jamal Murray ejected after hitting Mavericks' Tim Hardaway in groin area

Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray was ejected from Monday night’s game against the Dallas Mavericks after appearing to intentionally hit Tim Hardaway Jr. in the groin area.

The odd foul came late in the third with the Nuggets leading by 13 포인트들. The two players collided and Murray fell back but when he stood up he appeared to take an intentional shot at Hardaway’s groin area.


I guess he was just frustrated that they didn’t call a foul,” Hardaway said after the game trying to make sense of it. “I was just trying to do the best I can to deny the ball. The rest of it speaks for itself. It happens in a game. But it doesn’t even matter at this point. We lost.

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Officials on the court first called a foul on Murray but it was upgraded to a flagrant-two foul on a video review and he was ejected from the game.

There was a lot of physicality between those two,” Nuggets head coach Michael Malone said. “They came out very aggressive in the third quarter, which we knew they would. Hopefully it’s nothing more than Jamal getting ejected tonight and we can just use it as a learning experience.

Murray made seven of his first 11 shots for 16 points before getting ejected. After the foul, Hardaway scored the next seven points in just 23 seconds to get the Mavericks even before they went on to take their first lead since early in the first quarter.

Denver eventually won the game 117-113.

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