Nunes: Fauci becoming a 'liability to Democrats' as emerging reports further question credibility

NUNES: You’ve got the Fauci emails that came out a week ago where he’s backtracking there too and flip-flopping and you’ve also got the revelation that China had originally submitted the COVID blood samples to the NIH and then they were allowed to withdraw those out. That is developing but that also seems very odd that that happened and we are now finding that out.

This is continuing, the investigation’s ongoing…but my prediction here  – and I’m willing to bet you a dinner on it [is] that Fauci probably won’t be around come next election cycle because he will become a liability for the Democrats next fall.

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett also weighed in saying Fauci created a “web of deceit” that’s beginning to untangle.

JARRETT: The tangled web of deceit continues to grow around Anthony Fauci and it’s bad enough that there is compelling evidence that he may have lied to the Senate committee last month when he testified under oath. But now it appears he may have lied to a house committee a year ago when he said, gosh, ‘I have no idea why President Trump ordered the funding to the Wuhan lab be halted.’

Lying under oath is a crime called perjury and even if you’re not under oath it’s a comparable crime making a false or misleading statement to Congress.


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