NY Democrat rips AOC's denial of rise in smash-and-grab robberies: 'She's a danger'

共和党, スマッシュアンドグラブ強盗の存在を疑うためのビジネスSLAMAOC: ‘TONE-DEAF AND OFFENSIVE

Former New York assemblyman Dov Hikind joined “狐 & フレンズファースト” 月曜日に彼女の発言について話し合う, as many critics argue the rhetoric istone-deafamid a rampant 犯罪 surge nationwide.

These crimes that are being committed, there are real victims out there,” Hikind explained. “The bail reform that she supports, where criminals walk out before the police officer finishes the paperwork, it’s ridiculous, causing new victims out there. It is really out of control.

先週, オカシオコルテス cast doubt on the existence of mass smash-sand-grab robberies around the country.