NY gyms fully reopen, but getting people back is a 'different story'

CHARLES CASSARA: We’re back in the technical sense that we’re allowed to be 100 percent capacity, masks are coming off. But as far as getting people to come back, that’s a different story.

They released new CDC guidelines and Governor Cuomo did, 알 잖아, adapt them into small businesses. But there’s a lot of different caveats with them. 예를 들어, in order for us to get rid of the social distancing inside of our gyms, we have to take people’s vaccination cards. This is creating a big problem between people who don’t want to give it or haven’t been vaccinated. So a lot of gym owners actually yesterday lost, 내가 말할 것, 알 잖아, another five to 10 percent of their overall business. And if you don’t take it, then we can have the masks off, but we have to keep social distance. And if we’re going to keep social distance, 그때 100 percent capacity is predicated on the six feet. So that doesn’t work. So how do we gain any profits?

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