NY lawmaker rips Mayor Adams as NYPD sees officer exodus: Stop 'partying' and focus on crime

Republican congressional candidate Mike Lawler joined “여우 & 친구 우선” to discuss how crime is impacting the exodus.

Obviously Mayor Adams inherited a mess from Bill de Blasio, 하지만 불행히도, he really hasn’t been able to turn the tide here.

And I think more and more law enforcement officers, as soon as they can retire, are taking the opportunity to do so or if they could transfer to a department in the suburbs are doing so,” 그는 말했다 co-host Carley Shimkus.


Mayor Adams really needs to act,” 그는 계속했다. “He’s really got to stop spending his time partying and start focusing on the job at hand, and crime is number one.

According to data obtained by The New York Post, 거의 1,600 officers have left the force this year alone. That number has spiked by over 430 officers since the same time last year.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams in New York City, 뉴욕.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams in New York City, 뉴욕. (Photo by Jimin Kim/VIEWpress via Getty Images)

운수 나쁘게, 지금까지, this mayor has spent more time partying than he has really cracking down on the issue at hand,” Lawler said.

And when you’re talking about record levels of inflation, the highest in over 40 연령, when you’re talking about supply chain issues like baby formula shortages, when you’re talking about crime, it really requires a serious level of attention.

I had high hopes for him, but so far he’s been a big disappointment,” 그는 계속했다.

According to government data, crime had spiked 44% in the Big Apple as of April, with repeat offenders prompting the surge.

The idea that somebody could commit a crime, be arrested and be put back on the streets within hours to commit the same offense or worse, It’s really outrageous,” Lawler said.

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