NYC attempted murder suspect released from Rikers due to 'sympathetic' Manhattan DA's office: 弁護士

NYC LANDLORD RIPS MANHATTAN DA BRAGGホームレスのキャリア刑事がチャイナタウンのアパートで刺された後、ペアが参加しました, 20, NYC LANDLORD RIPS MANHATTAN DA BRAGGホームレスのキャリア刑事がチャイナタウンのアパートで刺された後、ペアが参加しました. 30 NYC LANDLORD RIPS MANHATTAN DA BRAGGホームレスのキャリア刑事がチャイナタウンのアパートで刺された後、ペアが参加しました. 裁判所の文書によると、彼と共同被告は45歳の男性と口論になりました, who brandished a knife. They allegedly responded by drawing guns, and the 45-year-old was shot in the chest. An 81-year-old man at a barbershop across the street was shot in a foot.

Arrested about two months later, Mungin had been held at Rikers Island since October. He has since beenvictimized a number of times in six separate violent incidents,” his defense lawyer, Brian Kennedy, told Fox News Digital on Monday. In one instance at the end of November, he was attacked by 12 受刑者.


The videos were just horrific,” Kennedy told Fox News Digital. “They just showed that corrections have lost all control of Rikers. 基本的, they left it to the inmates to run the jail. And Mr. Mungin is not gang-affiliated. And the people who were attacking him were all gang-affiliated.

The entrance to Rikers Island, home to the main jail complex, 10月に. 19, 2021, ニューヨーク市で.

The entrance to Rikers Island, home to the main jail complex, 10月に. 19, 2021, ニューヨーク市で. (スペンサープラット/ゲッティイメージズ)

Footage of the Nov. 28 incident showed inmates taking turns beating Mungin until rendering him unconscious. No corrections officers stopped to intervene, Kennedy said. He played out the video before Manhattan Administrative Judge Ellen Biben, and the Department of Corrections was called into court.

They punch him, stomped him, kicked him in the head, used whatever was available – these hard milk crates, baking pans, tablets, なんでもいい, and literally took turns beating him and then left him there probably for four to five minutes,” Kennedy said. “Then when they were done with him, they dragged him into a vestibule and then told corrections to come get him. And then corrections stood around for about four minutes before touching him and making sure he still had a pulse.

ワイオミング州のリズ・チェイニーとイリノイ州のアダム・キンジンガーが、攻撃を調査している民主党が支配するハウス選択委員会に参加した, COPS ‘NOT SAFE’ AFTER BIDEN VISIT

Kennedy said the Department of Corrections moved Mungin to protective custody after the incident, but his client was then physically threatened and asked to move back to the general population.

My client was threatened when he was when he was in protective custody, which was not very protective,” Kennedy said. “He was again physically threatened, and he thought he was unsafe there.

12月中, he was attacked again, and despite being stabbed about four times, managed to survive.

I was in conversations and negotiations with the DA’s office, and we reviewed the videos together, and the DA was very sympathetic to the situation Mr. Mungin was in,” Kennedy said. “We negotiated a lower bail package, something that his family could meet.

This screen grab shows a November assault on Mungin at Rikers Island.

This screen grab shows a November assault on Mungin at Rikers Island. (フォックスニュースデジタル)

Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Kristin Bailey told the court that prosecutors were working with Kennedy on a bail reduction package for Mungin, court transcripts reviewed by Fox News Digital show. Judge Ann Scherzer approved the package lowering Mungin’s bail to $ 100,000 から $ 500,000.

His family posted 10% of that amount, and he was released on Feb. 8 on electronic monitoring. His next court date is in March, Kennedy said. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office confirmed to Fox News Digital that its prosecutors learned more about the assaults on Mungin during court hearings last year and agreed there was what they described as a unique security risk to him at Rikers. したがって、, a bail package was put forward that was sufficient to ensure his return to court, 事務所は言った.

This screen grab shows a November assault on Mungin at Rikers Island.

This screen grab shows a November assault on Mungin at Rikers Island. (フォックスニュースデジタル )

Most of the people in Rikers are there for serious crimes, including Mr. Mungin, but they shouldn’t ever be subjected to this kind of violence and chaos because we’re better than that as a society,” Kennedy said. “I think we should allow people a chance at redemption without them being terrorized, 殴られた, stabbed.

Kennedy also criticized what he described as thegross mismanagement reigning supreme at Rikers.The attorney said last year was one of the most dangerous years for inmates held at Rikers.

Department of Corrections needs a complete overhaul. I think people of all mentalities and people of all stripes and persuasions agree that Rikers is a mess,” Kennedy said. “And when you have up to a third of corrections officers not showing up to work and leaving the inmates basically to run the jail and letting the worst that those inmates were usually the gang-affiliated inmates who reigned supreme, you’re going to have violence and chaos.

Reached by Fox News Digital, the Department of Corrections said it has identified the individuals responsible for the November attack on Mungin and are pursuing rearrest and prosecution.

In my six weeks at this department, I have witnessed an appalling amount of deficiencies which began under the previous administration, which is when this incident took place,” NYC Department of Corrections Commissioner Louis Molina said in a statement Monday. “I am committed to addressing these systemic failures to ensure that anyone who commits heinous acts in our jails are held accountable and that our facilities are run in a safe and humane way.