Bar e ristoranti di New York mettono insieme serie web per un pubblico di uno: Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Bar e ristoranti di New York mettono insieme serie web per un pubblico di uno: Gov. Andrew Cuomo

New York City bar and restaurant owners have put together a new web series aimed solely at bringing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s attention to their plight during the pandemia.

Good Morning Cuomodebuted on Instagram this week. Its creators said the show is intendedfor an audience of one: Governor Andrew Cuomo.

NYC Bars and Restaurants have worked to get in touch with Cuomo for the past several months through protests, phone calls, e-mail, instagram and twitter with NO RESPONSE,” reads the series’ first post on Instagram. “Recentemente, it dawned on us — Governor Cuomo LOVES TV! Specifically Cuomo loves that TV is all about HIM — so we made him a show!”

Il first episode features Dawn Eldridge, the owner and operator of Citroen Bistro and Cocktail Bar in Brooklyn.

We definitely cannot survive on outdoor dining. I have five tables. It’s math. Non c'è modo,” Elridge says in a message directed at the Democratic governor.

Eldridge describes the impact that shutdowns have had on her restaurant, including having to let staff go.

Without indoor dining, I don’t know how we’re going to survive. It’s all numbers. If we don’t fill those tables, and we don’t turn them at certain times, we don’t make that money,” lei disse. “Così, if you lessen our hours and lessen our amount of tables, we’re making even less money.


Cuomo ordered indoor dining to be shut down earlier this month following a monthlong rise in COVID-19 cases. It was the first citywide shutdown since March, when coronavirus-related restrictions were introduced. Lo scorso mese, the governor limited restaurants in the city to takeout and delivery after 10 p.m.

Nobody wants to come here and go to an Amazon restaurant. Nessuno,” Eldridge said. “Killing us you’re going to kill tourism. You’re killing what New York is about. We’re losing everything and we’re losing the heart and soul of this city.

Fox News has reached out the Cuomo’s office for comment.

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